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What Do We Do?

Pompey Surf does everything! A few times per year we have UK trips to some of the best surfing destinations, and in between those big trips you'll never get bored as we have group excursions to West Wittering just 45 minutes away from Portsmouth. At the end of the year we fly abroad for sun, sea and surf!

Surfing is a four season sport, we're in the water whenever the surf is good, rain or shine and we'll be there. But when the waves aren't ideal we have paddleboards to go and cruise about with.

Nights out? We've also got you covered. We have some exciting socials planned this year so not enjoying yourself is impossible!

Can't Surf?

More than half our new members have never even seen a wave before, so if you think you’re going to embarrass yourself, then you’d be right but at least you’re not the only one! We offer free surf lessons on our first two trips.

After that anyone in the club can help you improve.

Included in the membership 

Joining Pompey Surf means full access to all of our equipment, including surfboards, paddleboards, wetsuits, and roof racks. Our membership also covers hands-on surf lessons for all levels and exclusive access to our exciting UK surf trips. Dive in and ride the wave with everything you need at your fingertips. 

If you want to go off on your own little surf adventure then we've got you covered too! Just message one of the committee members and they will help you sort everything you need out :)

Nights out

Every week or two you are welcome to join us on our socials. From chill-outs to dress-ups and games, your level of involvement is up to you. Don't drink? We do socials that don't involve alcohol too! 

If you have any questions ask any of the committee, post on the wall or email us at

Group Memberships

Full Membership (5010/144)

Full Annual Membership until 1 August, 2024

Expires on 1 August 2024

Committee Membership (5010/144)

Full Annual Committee membership 23/24

Expires on 1 August 2024

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