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Frequently asked questions

My Petition has gone to a Union Zone, what does that mean?

This means that your petition will need to be approved by our Athletic Union, Media, Societies, RAG or VIP in order to progress. This means that the subject of your petition falls into the remit of one of our executive committees. Your petition will be discussed there and voted on as per the constitution of the Zone.

My petition failed, can I resubmit it?

Unfortunately, you cannot repeat an petition. However, if a Student submits a similar petition, you can give your support to that one.

What if I want to discuss my petition?

You’re in luck! You can call a debate and The Union will support you with the preparation for the debate. Just email focus@upsu.net and we will be happy to help.

What is the Student Council?

They are a of group of 22 elected representatives that act as a decision making body for the Union and are advised by the Sabbatical Officer team. Each Student Council member is elected to represent a particular demographic of students and make sure that decisions made for the Union are in the best interest of all students, not just the most vocal!

What happens if I don’t get enough people to back my petition?

Each petition will remain live until the end of the 28 calendar day period. Once this has elapsed and there are not enough backers the petition closes.

What help is there to help me promote my online petition?

At the backer stage the petition submitter is responsible for sharing and encouraging others to back their petition. This can be shared via a ‘share button’ at this first stage, or by using the direct petition. If your petition receives the minimum number of backers (15 students) it may need to be agreed or disagreed upon later on. At this stage the Union will help promote the most popular petitions.

What is an petition champion?

An petition champion is someone within the Student Council, member or advisor who has been actioned the responsibility of taking an petition forward. Once an action reaches Student Council, the responsibility for all to update on it is with the petition champion. Each page will have who is championing the petition on it, as well as a link to click for their contact details.

How will I know if my petition has passed?

You will be sent an email each time your petition is updated. This means that you will be updated when the petition reaches our threshold to be sent to the Student Council. This will then mean that your petition has passed.

How will I find out who is supporting my petition and it’s progress?

You will receive a notification by email if and when your petition progresses. This is once it has received enough backers. Your petition page will house updates as to who is helping achieve your petition. It will show you what they have been doing to progress your petition, as well as their contact information.

What if I don’t have time to support my petition?

Don’t worry! Your petition will have a Champion from the Student Council who will be tasked with seeing the petition through to it’s conclusion. Usually this means the person has taken your petition to the University and the University has made a decision.

However if anything cannot be completed regarding the petition there will be an update explaining where the petition went and why we were unable to complete it.

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