Bring Back Spike Safety Kits

Bringing back essential safety resources to prevent students from being spiked whilst being out which were previously available via the union building. Especially at Union-sponsored events and Union-sponsored partners such as Purple Wednesdays/Tokyo Joe's/Astoria.

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This petition has reached the required number of backers to be reviewed at the next meeting.

How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

This is to ensure the safety of students, preventing them from taking harmful substances that could also clash with medication and cause allergic reactions and be fatal. This can also help prevent students from being vulnerable to physical and sexual assault and rape. 

How Can The Union Achieve This?

These resources need to include: Drug Strip Tests that were previously provided, Drink Covers e.g. Foil Stoppers/Drink Cover Stickers/Bottle Stoppers and Drug Swab Tests (various different versions as to test for different types of drugs). 

These resources should be available through the Union, easily accessible, possibly through the Union Shop as well as possibly University Receptions and University owned Student accommodations. It can be treated much like how tampons and pads are at the university, posters within bathrooms and by the reception for students to be aware and comfortable to ask in public.These resources need to be free, or very cheap.

Petition Updates

  • Discussed at Student Council

    This was discussed in student council on 13/12/2022. 

    Our Welfare Officer Natasha Layley pointed out that the safety kits have always been available and they are still there for students who would like to pick them up.  

    More have been ordered and will continue to help students.  

  • Petition in review

    This petition will now be reviewed at the next Student Council. You can find the date on the Meetings section of the HYS platform.

  • Petition needs Backers to Continue

    This petition needs 15 student backers by 15:19 13th Dec 2022 to proceed.

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