Run the Student Bus Service 24/7

The Student Bus Service should run 24/7, to counter fears about knife crime and promote accessibility to Campus.

  • Petition submitted by JAMES VIVIAN on Oct 18, 2019


This petition has been passed and will be actioned ASAP.

Petition Updates

  • Update from the UPSU Team

    An update from UPSU President, Helena Schofield:

    I had a meeting with the Director of Estates and Campus services who said she would enquire with First buses about the costs and feasibility of introducing this. No update on this due to Covid-19. However, I also had meetings with members of the local council and police department which resulted in getting sabbatical officer representation on safeguarding groups.

  • Change Status

    The idea is now marked as Completed

  • Change Status

    The idea has been marked as Fast Tracked. The reason was: This idea was discussed and voted on at UAB 30/10/2019 and was approved. The designated Reps for this idea are Helena Schofield and Daniyal Aslam.

  • Change Status

    The idea now has enough backers to be reviewed at the next meeting. This meeting is UAB 06/11/2019 and will be held on Wednesday 6 November, 2019 12:00 pm

  • Change Status

    The idea is now looking for 15 Backers.

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