Save University of Portsmouth English Literature Department

Halt the proposed reductions to the Literature Department at the University, noting the large student uproar that it has created. Effectively save the study of English at Portsmouth.

  • Petition submitted by Andre Buller on Feb 25, 2020


This petition has been passed and will be actioned ASAP.

Petition Updates

  • Update from the UPSU Team

    An update from Vice President - Education and Democracy, Rama Hilouneh:

    When the HYS campaign came through, there had already been work done surrounding this with the Students Union standing firm alongside the English Lit students while having meetings with university staff members involved in the process. As this continued, there had been developments in which the Students' Union had teamed up with the wellbeing service to support the students through this. There had been plans to create a buddy scheme to rebuild the incredible community the English department had built, however as Covid-19 hit, it had derailed a lot of our plans and shifted our priorities elsewhere. As the situation continued the consultation period has been halted as a result of the health crisis. As such, the campaign to support students and lobby the university to prevent the reduction of staff will continue. 

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    The idea is now marked as Completed

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    The idea is now being actioned

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    The idea has been marked as Passed

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    The idea now has enough backers to be reviewed at the next meeting. This meeting is UAB 11/03/2020 and will be held on Wednesday 11 March, 2020 12:00 pm

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    The idea is now looking for 15 Backers.

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