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Hi Team, I Joined university 2 months back and very happy about the educational facilities university provide. However, there are few suggestions from myside: 1. It is good to have microwave ovens installed in the buildings, at least in the café area. 2. please help students with some free hot water in all buildings. 3. Please help students with some discounts in food items that purchase from the university café

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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

Many of us(students) are bringing packed lunch, it is extremely helpful if we have Ovens to heat it. No need to eat frozen lunch :) 

It will be very nice, if we get some hot water in the buildings when come from outside chilling weather. Not everyone is staying near to university or taking bus facility. Hence It will be more helpful for people who come from some distance. Also it is important for pupil who use library as well -right now the vending machines are also not working

If students have to buy a coffee inside campus, it is costing same as `Starbucks`. Which is not helping students in terms of money. It will be good if students can get some discount.

Hope you will consider the suggestions and do the needful.

How Can The Union Achieve This?

Please raise the concern with right team

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