Review of close-proximity Examination Timetabling

Do you have exams scheduled one after another? Do you find it difficult to revise multiple complex and often unknown subjects simultaneously? Is the negative grading impact of this fair?

  • Petition submitted by LIAM RUDD on Nov 6, 2019


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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

Let's face it, your grade is measured on the ability to remember what you have been taught, and practice makes perfect. The endless nights in the library pulling everything together for the deadlines. The 'there's just not enough time' feeling. 

Without adequate revision time between exams, students' grades are going to be negatively effected.

It's a simple concept - don't put examinations within min. 2 days of each other.

Give students the opportunity to revise adequately for what is often multiple complex and unrelated modules. 

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