Can we have Study group signup system university wide.

We should have a University-wide Study group signup system, as it would be a good way to meet other students in your module/units.

  • Petition submitted by Nathan Tamez on Sep 25, 2019


This petition has failed. Read the updates below for why it is in this state.

How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

As a new student at university, you have a lot going on. Well, many seem to easily make new friends, Some students can find making friends, to study with difficult for a variety of reasons including being shy. This doesn’t just apply to new students, many modules are shared by different courses at the university.

Many students and subjects benefit from group study, even shy students. However many students can miss the opportunity to study as part of a group due to being unable to find people to study with. 

I propose setting up a university-wide study group signup system. To allow all students to benefit from group study.

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