Keep the University Nursery Open!

Due to their desire to cut costs the University of Portsmouth is currently in consultation to close their Nursery with the decision being made on the 5th September. Without this facility, staff and student parents will suffer a huge blow to their University experience while having, or caring for, a child.

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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

The University of Portsmouth Nursery is one of the reasons some students have chosen the University of Portsmouth over other Universities. The facilities and staff are incredible and the flexibility the Nursery allows makes their University experience entirely seamless. Without this provision, other Nurseries have higher waiting lists, higher costs, less flexibility, and they aren't integrated into the University system, which allows Nursery staff to have an understanding of University operations and how these affect student and staff parents. 

Their decision to consider closing the Nursery shows a troubling trajectory for future University policies and financial decisions. They're less interested in the real Quality of Life for students and appear more interested in making the University look good. With the cost of living going up, the threat to students and student parents is immense. This is another kick in the teeth from institutions that seemingly favour upgrading their library monitors to 4K instead of providing important services to students. With the threats in America of policies which negatively affect childcare provision, and the growth of such wild and troubling views all over the world, it is important that institutions like the University of Portsmouth show actual support for parents (especially young parents) who may be at risk in the future. 

The Nursery is currently working hard on a new framework and provision plan during this brief and sudden consultation that will encourage the University to reconsider their attempt at closing the Nursery.

If you're not a parent, please consider standing with us and supporting the University Nursery, since we were all children once and we may all be parents one day. 

How Can The Union Achieve This?

The University should listen to the needs of students and parents. Through action, the Students Union might be able to support the Nursery by showing the importance the Nursery holds to students, be it directly or indirectly. During the consultation they can encourage the University to consider the Nurseries' own proposals in order to keep the University Nursery open. 

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