Postpone the Cancellation of In-Person Graduation and Look at Alternative Solutions

The Universities decision to cancel in-person Graduation is a decision taken much too early and principally due to the fact that planning a graduation ceremony would be difficult. I believe the University has not done enough to at least try and look at the logistics of an in-person graduation ceremony, even if this had to be an outdoor event. Cancelling it 5 months in advance is uncalled for.

  • Petition submitted by James Carey on Feb 19, 2021


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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

Recently students were made aware that the University had cancelled in-person graduation ceremonies. Whilst it is understood that it is necessary to put public health first; the decision was made extremely hastily.

Throughout the entire pandemic, the University has followed government advice, yet this one event that many of us had been looking forward to is a decision the University has taken months in advance.

The University should not cancel in-person Graduation until it is much closer to July and also look at options such as hosting the graduation ceremony outdoors, where it will be much easier to follow social distancing guidelines.

I believe the decision to cancel graduation has been taken as such an early date due to the fact that planning it and putting in extra work to try to make it a reality would involve a large amount of work on the Universities part.

If the public health situation and government guidance by the Summer meant that an in-person graduation ceremony was not doable, students would no doubt accept this if that situation arises.

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