Student’s voice matters

As your representative I will listen to your experiences and feedback relating to your course and will pass them to the relevant staff. I will make sure your feedback is gathered on regular basis and is considered when significant decisions and changes are made by the university. I will communicate your urgent issues directly to departmental staff or to the head of the department.

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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

Students will have the opportunity to provide feedback and experience the change they want to see during their academic year. There will be no communication barrier between students and the senior members of the staff. Students can openly talk to me about their interests, problems, challenges and the support they need in order to complete their course successfully. Everyone will be part of a supportive community where they can take part in making important decisions about their course and academic year. 

How Can The Union Achieve This?

Student union can achieve this by introducing me their student consultation framework and familiarising me with their guidelines. The Union can facilitate my meetings with the students and giving me the chance to raise students’ issues in senior staff meetings and decision-making boards. 

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