Improving wildlife diversity and green areas on campus

The main priority is to increase biodiversity in Portsmouth. Some areas that needs attention are: - Near Burnaby and Dennis Sciama there are empty planters and trees in large empty pits. These areas could be filled with plants are flowers. - Outside of Richmond Building there are various trees amidst a great deal of paving. These pits are not planted. - Between the library and Ravelin, there is a huge area of paving. The trees do not have enough soil at their disposal. - The area around the library has a lot of empty beds where flowers could be planted.

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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

Why caring?

- By planting more flowers and trees, and by having more green areas, the soil will be able to absorb storm water, air pollution, and carbon.

- Our planet has a biodiversity emergency. There is far too much concrete in cities. 

- Having more green area will increase the number of insects and birds (both hugely in decline).

- 25% of all biodiversity is in the soil.

How Can The Union Achieve This?

How can the university help?

1. By planting tree pits with native flowers

2. By enlarging tree-pits  

3. By depaving areas around trees

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