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Darts is easily one of the most popular sports in the UK, and is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Anybody is able to pick up a dart, and throw it, regardless of body composition, age, or gender. By creating a darts society at the university, we hope this will encourage more people to take up this great sport, at all levels.

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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

Our vision is to be considered as one of the most inclusive, and welcoming societies at Portsmouth, ensuring that all darting abilities are catered for, and that everybody feels comfortable with attending sessions. By doing this we can create an environment where everyone has a good time, and throws some arrows!

The mission, is to become more than a society in the long run. Darts is still considered by many to be nothing more than an activity played in the pub with your mates, after a few drinks. Whilst this is true, darts can be so much more than this, and by creating a society this will allow us to create a platform and a hub, where not only students come to have a great time and to wind down, but also a place where those who are more talented at the sport can come forward, and compete against similar abilities, to allow for further development, within the University.

We do not feel, currently, that there are any strong ties between the University of Portsmouth and Darts, and we feel that it is time this changed. As mentioned, darts is so popular that it is frankly absurd, that there is no clear route to access the sport through the University. Although local pub leagues are active, these are not currently advertised enough, and it can also be daunting trying to play at this level, particularly for beginners.

Please help us get behind this brilliant new adventure, and support the introduction of Darts at the University of Portsmouth by signing this petition!

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