Offer more internal experience opportunities for students

This would be a system whereby students could take advantage of any work experience opportunities on a short term basis as and when they arise throughout their time at university.

  • Petition submitted by MATTHEW SALISBURY on Dec 12, 2019


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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

For many students, building a portfolio of professional standard projects is essential, particularly those looking to do anything creative or gig based. The university could offer non-compulsory internal experience opportunities for students to take part in additional projects that would be used by the university itself. These could include things such as designing posters, university web design or making adverts to attract Sixth Form and College applicants. Obviously there are many other potential opportunities that could come up in the future and these are just some ideas of opportunities that could be offered to students. Often, these are handled by external agencies but could be done by students to show the university has faith in the quality of work coming from its student body. This is not something that is commonplace amongst universities and could decisively put Portsmouth ahead of the rest in this regard.

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