University of Portsmouth Students’ Union to stand in solidarity with Afghanistan

The Students' Union must lobby the University to ensure that those students affected by the crisis in Afghanistan are able to complete their studies in a safe and constructive environment. This includes Afghan students, students that may have anxiety due to being from a neighbouring country, as well as students who may have had friends or family fight in the Afghanistan war.

  • Petition submitted by Jade Underwood on Aug 24, 2021


This petition has been passed and will be actioned ASAP.

How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

As a Students’ Union that strives to uphold equality, diversity and inclusion, it is of deep concern that the Taliban, known for their human rights abuses, have seized control over Afghanistan. For the past twenty years, Afghan civil rights have been protected by US troops and NATO forces that occupied the region. The withdrawal of support results from the “Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan'' deal between the Taliban and US. This stated that the US would withdraw their forces from the country allowing the Taliban to regain power and prevent al-Qaeda from operating in areas under their control. 

The University of Portsmouth prides itself in being a safe space for people of all backgrounds, including Afghan students. As a result, we are concerned with how this tyrannical dictatorship will affect our Afghan students who are due to graduate, who may have family present within the area, or who may have to claim asylum if their visa is due to expire. The Students’ Union also recognises the anxiety that may be felt across our student body in light of this pivotal moment in history, particularly those who may have had friends or family members fight for Afghanistan's freedom from the Taliban in the Afghanistan war between 2001-2014. 

Anxiety is felt amongst Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries too, uncertain for their future diplomatic relations. UPSU thus acknowledges the concern for those students that may be from these countries, or have family in these areas. The Students’ Union must therefore stand in solidarity and pressure wherever it can in order to gain a favourable outcome for those affected by lobbying the University in order for them, and their families, to complete their studies in a safe and constructive environment.

The Students’ Union must recognise that this a Humanitarian crisis that stretches into the rest of the world and must stand in opposition to discrimination and prejudice in all cases. As a Students’ Union, we want to vocalise our support for those who may be affected by this issue. Please do contact the Advice Team with any concerns you may have and we will do our best to signpost you to the appropriate resources that can help. 

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