Show we reopen the student bar

In 2019 the student bar was closed and since then we've been without one, unlike the majority of university in the cou

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This petition has failed. Read the updates below for why it is in this state.

How Will This Idea Benefit Students?


  1. More jobs for students
  2. Promote other student union events
  3. Place to chill between lectures
  4. Show male and female sports and popular shows
  5. Increase sense of community
  6. Can help form bonds with other students

It will create jobs for students in a competitive market, allow for greater security for students and staff. Helping with the cost of living by providing jobs for students.

The student bar can also be used to promote university groups and bands and other performers that otherwise would only been seen via email, which few people check, bring people back to the student union.

It can be used to have a place for students to chill during the days where they don't have lectures or if they want to go between lectures.

It can also be used as a place for both male and female sport matches or popular shows to be shown for students. This can help the societies all year round as if a student see catches a match by change they could turn up to the society for a trial.

It can also be used to create a sense of students community based around the student union allowing for students to be able to socialise in a safe space. Allowing for all different kinds of students with different interests, course, accommodations and background to bond and meet.

How Can The Union Achieve This?


  1. Using the already existing student bar
  2. Share the petition with societies

This can be achieved by using the student bar, which is still there, and reaching out to a large number of students with the bar expected to help run it.

They can also encourage societies to share the petition and get as many people involved as possible. The student bar could help with student union events as well as other university and external groups.

Petition Updates

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  • This petition has failed

    The reason for it failing is: This petition has been failed.

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