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Bring back the union bar so we can have a safe space for students to meet and host events. We want the union to become a hub of activity where students can gather, similar to the majority of other unions across the country . At the minute, it feels like wasted space, with little students utilising it. Bringing back the bar will rejuvenate our sense of community, and increase awareness and foot traffic within the union, leading to wider engagement with students overall. It would also encourage more students to join student groups, as the activities can be hosted in a known and student-focused venue.

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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

Providing a space for students to unwind and socialise would help improve mental health. It can serve as an stress-reliever and a place where students can build a support system during the often challenging years. It would feel safer than most bars, being filled with students, encouraging more to get involved with events, where some other bars may not offer inclusivity.

Having a space where student groups can host activities, such as pub quizzes and sport watching events, would increase student body engagement with the union. It also can be a space to promote university groups, bands and other performers that may not be able to find other venues as easily.

With the cost of living crisis currently, having a bar would provide more jobs for the students, and the prices would be more focused for students, improving the financial wellbeing of students and, in turn, their mental health.

How Can The Union Achieve This?

By putting in an investment, along with the university, to re-open the student union bar and allow it to be a safe, inclusive space for socialising and student-run activities, whilst promoting safety around alcohol awareness and nights out. The bar should be designed in a way to promote events and activities, including tv screens for sports and film showings.

There is still the space for the bar at the union, and signage is still up for the Waterhole Bar, so it’s already part of the way there!

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