Make filming equipment first come first served

  • Petition submitted by Evan Nigel James Beviss on Nov 26, 2021


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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

The University of Portsmouth have pledged to improve the quality of films produced at the institution across the whole of the BA Film Production course. This is great, however the University of Portsmouth are still putting barriers up in allowing students to achieve this. Please help us make the filming equipment have priority holding for the original student who has booked it in the appropriate timeframe.

When booking particular equipment, only some is available depending on if you have the correct accreditation and training. This is to make sure that people are using the equipment properly. However you may be shocked to learn that even if you get trained and accredited on this equipment and have it all booked for a shoot, with location, cast, food, transport, etc already paid for, the University of Portsmouth can still take the equipment off of you and give it to another group which they deem a priority.

This is wrong on so many levels! It is not industry standard. It is favouritism. In the film industry, if you book equipment from a company or loan store, then it is yours, regardless of whether another filming crew come along and want to use it. The University of Portsmouth are happy to take this equipment off of first and second years and give it to graduate years, regardless of how much time, effort and money you have put into planning your film.

We urge the University of Portsmouth to change this policy and organise their graduate students more effectively and efficiently so that it does not impact students on earlier years when booking equipment. This is not a witch hunt against graduate students, as I like many people, will eventually also find myself in this position. We know that there are current graduate students now and alumni, who will have encountered this problem in their studies before. We want to make it so that it is a level playing field across the whole course so that we can all work better together and as a result improve the student films produced through the University of Portsmouth. 

By signing this petition you will help all the students on the BA Film Production course at the University of Portsmouth get the most accurate learning experience from the institution, replicating industry level standards.

This petition seeks to make all filming equipment at the University of Portsmouth first come first served across all year groups

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