100% Plant-Based, Sustainable Catering at Portsmouth University

Our Plant-Based Universities campaign is a student-led group, currently active in over 80 universities. Portsmouth University state a clear commitment to addressing this, aiming to become one of the UK's leading universities in terms of environmental sustainability. The role of food systems within this ecological crisis has often been understated, but, in light of emerging climate science, and a rising number of global catastrophes indicating that we are in a state of climate emergency, which we can no longer ignore.

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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

Our campaign is directly combatting the climate crisis, so that when we graduate, we have an inhabitable world to live in.

Animal farming is the leading cause of global deforestation and biodiversity loss, while only providing 18% of global calories (Ritchie & Roser, 2021).

Animal agriculture occupies 85% of farm land in the UK (WWF, 2022). This is by farming the animals, and also growing feed for ‘livestock’, through a plant based food system a great deal of this land could be rewilded, which would in itself draw carbon out of the atmosphere.

Additionally, In Europe, food alone is responsible for 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions, with meat and dairy production making up most of that percentage (Petrovic, 2015). On top of this, 90% of the world’s water footprint comes from animal agriculture, including the majority of freshwater (Holdinghausen, 2021).

Lastly, In the UK, animal agriculture is the biggest cause of water pollution(Wentworth, 2022).

It is clear that our reliance on animal agriculture is detrimental to the planet we are trying to protect.

Research produced in universities have founded our understanding of the impact of animal agriculture has on the climate. Because academic institutions are significant sites of knowledge, we must respect the importance of this research and recognise our responsibility to take the necessary action, recommended by this research.

How Can The Union Achieve This?

We are not asking for students to take on personal dietary change, but rather institutional divestment from environmentally damaging industries. We want the university catering facilities to stop serving animal products and commit to a transition towards fully plant-based catering.

Portsmouth University have shown that sustainability is of the highest importance to them. For example, removing single use plastics in campus cafes was a significant and crucial step towards a sustainable Uni.

Our goal is a transition to sustainable, 100% plant-based catering at UOP, in line with their own sustainability goals.

Your support could make all the difference. Sign this petition to help end the climate emergency and make Portsmouth University a fully just and sustainable institution!

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