Extra support for student during Covid-19

During the outbreak of Covid-19, the students of the University of Portsmouth are not getting the support they should be, unlike Exeter and Sutton University.

  • Petition submitted by Andra Helmane on Mar 27, 2020


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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

Universities such as Exeter and Southampton have introduced the no detriment policy to support their students during the Covid - 19 outbreak. This means that their grades cannot go below their current average mark when submitting their summer assignments, as long as they achieve the pass criteria (40%). These Universities have also offered their students to submit ECF, without having to have a valid reason if they are struggling to meet the deadlines. 

We are all currently going through a very uncertain time, and the way the teaching is carried out is new to everyone. However, for many 3rd year students, this time is very worrying due to the fact we are having to change our learning environment and that we are not able to access our Library and the resources provided by it. This alone will have a major impact on our last assignments, as many students were already preparing for summer exams and not more assignments, especially with dissertations due soon.

Many of our students are now being classed as key workers by having part-time jobs at our local supermarkets to support their studies while living on campus. This adds extra pressure on them, as not only are they risking their own wellbeing to help the community, but also putting their loved ones at a risk. in situations like this, there are too many things going on and focusing on assignments may not be a priority for some. There are many mature students who are having to home school their own children due to the fact schools are closed and then they are having to do their own work. This is clearly very challenging for them and in some cases even impossible to do.

It is important for a university to take care of their students, especially in times like these. it is very stressful for both the staff and students, but as students if we don't achieve our best we are losing out on more. As a student myself, I have found that my mental health alone is crumbling due to stress and worry. I am sure that I am not the only one in this. 


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