Official University Condemnation of the Recent Reading Terror Attack

For the university to put out an official statement condemning the recent terror attack in Reading, to reassert the presence of support services, and security for LGBTQ+ students at the university.

  • Petition submitted by Edward Walls on Jun 25, 2020


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How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

A significant number of students feel that the recent terror attack in Reading has been largely underreported by the media, with the incident not even appearing in the top 10 BBC headlines in the days closely following the attack. Some students also feel that the university's silence on the matter has been contributing to this effect and so it is proposed here that the university put out an official statement regarding the incident, condemning it on terrorism, murder, and potentially even homophobic grounds. 

Although it is not certain that the attacks were homophobic in nature, the possibility that they may have been should be enough to warrant reassurance from the university to LGBTQ+ students that it, as a people and as an institution, takes a dim view to such prejudice as well as terrorism in general.

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