Meet your Elected Officer Team 2023-24

You new elected team have started their term in office! But who are they and what are they hoping to achieve this year for you?

  • Posted Thu, Jul 6, 2023 8:21 AM

With the start of a new academic year not so far away in the distant future, it means it's that time of year when your new Elected Officer team begin their term in office. Below you can find out what areas of work each Officer was elected in on and the changes that want to make for students to enhance their experience here at Portsmouth, as well as how to contact them. 

You can also contact all the Elected Officers by emailing If you are a student studying on campus, you can find the Elected Officers in the main Student Union building on Cambridge Road, their office is situated on the first floor, through the double doors at the top of the stairs, but if you get lost, don't worry our Reception team can direct you. 

About Temidayo

Having worked as your Development Officer this past year, being re-elected will ensure I continue to be the voice for students here at Portsmouth

Contact Temidayo here

What Temidayo wants to achieve...

Food Variety Provision

A project I will continue working on is diversifying food options. Ensuring students have varieties of different cultures helps engage and unite communities. The best memories are created by sharing food. By bringing regular vendors of various cultures and types of food into the union, having a permanent presence of food in and around the union building, I hope to encourage people to express themselves more freely creating new communities.

Cost of Living

Rising rent, food, and fuel prices are putting students at a breaking point. 

Statistics I find concerning are: 

  • 96 % of students are cutting back.
  • 1/3 have only £50 left over after bills. 
  • 12% take out loans.
  • 11% use food banks.
  • 90% say it's affecting their mental health.
  • 1/5 has received government assistance.
  • 46% are unable to afford course materials.

How I will help you through this crisis: Easier access to University & Union support funds for home & international students by offering free independent, confidential advice on applications; Activities Participation Funding: Reducing or subsidising the cost of society memberships and other expenses making it more accessible to all students; Expanding the university bus service's area to limit the use of taxis; Ensuring lectures are recorded so students who work longer hours are not impacted by the issue.

Campus Vibrancy

I plan to collaborate with the University, UPSU, & Team UOP to revitalise the campus by forming partnerships with regional businesses in Hampshire.

This will increase student engagement by: Organising energising free events; Skill based activities; Networking opportunities; Widening access on campus; and Workshops on managing workload stress.

About Marija

Hi, I’m Marija, a final year BSc Psychology student. 

I’m the Faculty Rep for Science and Health, and a committee member of various Sports Clubs and Societies. 

I ran for the role of officer because I have first-hand experience from working with the Union, and believe I can make changes to enhance the Student Experience. 

Contact Marija here

What Marija wants to achieve...

Save My Grades

Over the past couple of years, university has become harder for everyone. With every student juggling many different responsibilities like part-time jobs and coursework, life gets in the way. I will deliver fair outcomes for students by introducing an UNCAPPED RE-SIT for each student, every year. I intend to create a FEEDBACK FRAMEWORK for students, which will allow students to graduate on time, and with the grades they deserve. 

Make Learning Cheaper

The cost-of-living crisis is hitting everyone, and some students don’t know how they’ll manage to get to the end of the month. I’ll lessen the financial blow by reducing costs related to COURSE SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT such as software, and will expand the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme to include FREE REVISION clinics. Additionally, I’ll work with the Union to create a HARDSHIP FUND for more accessible sports and societies. 

Let Us Know How We're Doing

I want to ensure the Union and UoP listen to every student! I will hold MONTHLY DROP-INS and FORUMS for all students, which will be attended by officers and faculty heads. There’ll also be meetings for Course Reps, to get student feedback on how your Union represents you. I’ll even throw in FREE PIZZA and freebies from our campaigns. 

About Maizey

Hi, my name is Maizey and I’m a final-year Business student and Course Rep! 

Currently, I am the Chair of the Union Groups Executive, Vice President of Surfing, and I am a Student Trustee on the board for UPSU.

I will be an effective and dedicated representative for all, fighting for the rights and interests of students.

Contact Maizey here

What Maizey wants to achieve...

Living Without Limits

The current hardship funds cutting through policy is not fit for purpose, causing delays in money reaching the pockets of students. This leaves some wondering where their next meal may come from. I will work to change this current policy to make it easier for students to receive financial help. I will also introduce additional support for students in the form of food and utility bill vouchers, as well as a ‘red box’ scheme to combat period poverty.

No Fuss on the Bus

As students, we deserve a safe and reliable mode of transport available at any time. By making the University Bus Service available 24 hours a day and covering a wider service route, we WILL ensure student safety and peace of mind. Imagine being able to attend all events, regardless of the hour, without worrying about how you’ll get home.

Home Away from Home

Create additional support and safety nets for international students, by ensuring everyone who comes to Portsmouth has somewhere to stay. Working with the University Student Finance, Global, and Student Housing team, I want to increase signposting of the support already offered, so everyone is aware of what is available to them in their time at Portsmouth.

About Ines

Hello, my name is Ines, and I am a third-year psychology student.

I strongly believe that mental health, physical health, and safety are vital components of a healthy student life. 

It is important to emphasise that these areas are interconnected, and a lack of any one of them can negatively impact a student's overall well-being. To achieve this, the university should take active measures to provide a safe environment for all students.

Contact Ines here

What Ines wants to achieve...

Anti-Spiking Campaign

I plan to start an anti-spiking campaign that includes specialist talks by psychologists and police to help students deal with the trauma and aftermath of any violent incident, as well as self-defense training and equipment to help students feel empowered and safe.

Aftermath Committee

Additionally, I would create an "aftermath committee" to help those who have experienced negative incidents like spiking, sexual abuse, or assault, and provide them with as much help as possible to get back on track.

Welcome Committee

The transition between school and university is tough, especially for those moving out of home for the first time and adjusting to a new social and academic environment. To address this, I will create a "welcome committee" to help new students during their uni transition. Older and more experienced students will provide voluntary help to those who need it, including assistance with writing styles, providing contacts to university services, or just being a listening ear.

About Kajetan

I have been a Deputy Faculty Rep for BAL and member of the Student Council for 2 years now and the student representative at Academic Council. I have a passion for educational policy and have a long history of representing students where and when it counts!

Contact Kajetan here

What Kajetan wants to achieve...

Providing necessary resources for students who lack basic tools in their studies

There was a motion back in October that discussed helping design students with software accessibility which was approved by SC. University earns millions yearly and I believe us paying over 9k£ a year should mean getting access to software they need. This is important and my plan is to promote this case to relevant people whenever I get a chance. I want to make software free for all the courses that need it and is not yet provided by uni.

Enhance 7 steps program for more practical and rewarding experience for students

7 steps to success was launched this year and I believe it can be expanded upon and improved in the years to come. I plan to build upon its foundation and make it even better. I would love for it to become a university or cross-university programme and I will work hard to improve this programme to make it something more practical and something we could put on our CV and would benefit us all.

Marking matters- Improve feedback to help students develop from assessment feedback

In the recent months it has come to my attention that the quality of feedback on certain modules and assessments has been poor. If the quality keeps dropping down, how are we supposed to improve our work? Feedback in the form of one sentence is unacceptable and I will raise awareness on this issue in academic fields and restore the quality we expect.

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