AMM - What is it and why should I get involved?

It's almost time for our Annual Members Meeting (AMM)! But what does this mean? Every year we ask our members (that's you) to vote on big issues and approve our financial records.

  • Posted Thu, Nov 10, 2022 11:21 AM

Every year we get together for our Annual Members Meeting (AMM). 

But what is an AMM?

Annual Members Meeting - the meeting gives our members (students) at the University of Portsmouth - the opportunity to vote on issues and ask questions about where UPSU spends its money. 

It's a chance for students to understand how the Union spends its money, approve affiliations to other organisations and ask Elected Officers questions about their achievements and plans for the year.

Understanding AMM - The Meeting

AMM is a meeting in which all students are invited to attend. It is an opportunity to raise issues and voice your opinion on how the Union conducts business.

You'll also get the chance to vote on any policy lapse items, or any new items which are being introduced. 

This year’s Agenda

When is AMM?

The 7th of December at 13:00 GMT. The meeting will be held in Meeting Room 1 in the Students’ Union. Book your place at the meeting through the link below:

AMM tickets

What is Policy Lapse?

Policy Lapse is a really important part of this. We tell you about our policies for you to decide what happens next. Do we still believe in them? Or is it time to change them? Maybe now it's the time to remove them entirely. 

The choice is yours and AMM is the chance for you to have your say on the important issues that affect you, our members. 

So what do you need to do?

Step One

Read the Minutes of the last meeting 

AMM 2021 - Minutes

Why do I have to do this?

You are asked to approve the minutes at the meeting. If you feel there are inaccuracies, let the chair know when you are at the meeting.

Read the policies before the meeting

Below are the policies which are up for renewal at AMM:

  1. Anti FGM Stance
  2. Free Education Movement
  3. Introduce a Zero Tolerance to Racism Policy

Additionally, these motions have been brought through the ‘Have Your Say’ Platform:

  1. Partial Rent Refund
  2. The creation of bame history education workshops and the creation of the BAME solidarity pledge
  3. Extra support for students during Covid-19
  4. Save University of Portsmouth English literature department
  5. Elect a full time student representative for sport at the University of Portsmouth

You will be given an opportunity at the start of the meeting to decide which of the above items you would like to discuss and keep. If no one comes forward at this point to say a particular item should be kept then the item will be considered as lapsed and no longer a policy of the Union.

What do I have to do for this item?

Read all about the items and form an opinion - do you want this policy item to continue? Is it time to change it?

Why do I have to do this?

It will help you make an informed decision and allow you a chance to come up with any questions you want to ask about the item.

Step Two

Our Financial Reports:

Financial Reports (UPSU - the charity side of the organisation):

What is this?

This document gives a breakdown of how the Students’ Union has spent its money throughout 2021/22. A brief overview is also provided with some key highlights. This document relates to the charitable part of the organisation.

What do I have to do for this item?

If you feel that the Union has been as transparent as possible about its spending you are asked to approve the financial reports.

At the meeting, you can ask about anything you don’t understand and if satisfied with the responses vote to approve the financial reports.

Financial Reports (PSUT - the business side of the organisation):

What is this? 

PSUT is Portsmouth Students’ Union Trading company - this is the business part of the organisation, including the shop and any external partners that we work with. All profits from PSUT go to the charity to help benefit students.

What do I have to do for this item?

If you feel that PSUT has been as transparent as possible about its spending you are asked to approve the financial reports.

At the meeting, you can ask about anything you don’t understand and if satisfied with the responses vote to approve the financial reports.

Elected Officer Updates

What is this? 

Elected Officers and members of Student Council will be providing an update on their progress and plans for the academic year. It is an opportunity for students to ask questions about their area of work.

You can listen to what our officers have to say about their progress and plans and ask any questions. There is no voting for this section.

Step Three


At the AMM you can vote on all the different items. This means your voice is heard and your opinion matters. You will be asked to vote or keep or remove each of these policy items.

There will be a discussion on each item and a policy will be passed if there is a majority vote in favour of the policy. 

If you're passionate about any of the issues that are up for discussion, you can volunteer to speak either for or against the policies. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, get in touch at

Maybe you want to submit your own idea to be discussed? Do you care passionately about a cause and think UPSU should as well? Contact us, let us know and we can make that happen. Email to put forward your ideas.

A full list of our current student ideas, campaigns and policy can be viewed online on our Have Your Say platform.

How many people need to attend?

We need 50 people in the room to make some of the key decisions

What if 50 people do not attend?

If we don’t have 50 people we will be able to hear the officer reports and ask any questions but all other items will need to be revisited again at a later date. The Union's articles do not require us to cover the items in a meeting format. If there is an issue with attendance the items will be made available for students to engage with early in the new year (2023). The Union will communicate the process for doing this by 9th December.

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