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  • Posted Mon, Aug 9, 2021 5:00 PM

Here you will find the links to the Official Portsmouth Uni Freshers Pack 2021 and Official Portsmouth Uni 2nd & 3rd Years Pack 2021!

Get your tickets for the Official Portsmouth Uni Freshers Pack 2021 HERE!

Get your tickets for the Official Portsmouth Uni 2nd & 3rd Years Pack 2021 HERE!

You'll find that at this time of year, there will be a lot of events that pop up promising you a night you will never forget as you plan your Freshers' experience. 

However, some of these are nights you will forget because they will never happen. And you can kiss your hard earned cash, or student loan goodbye! Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake events that will circulate social media, not all of them being truthful in what they deliver - and many of them won't even happen. 

Follow our guide to keep you savvy about scammers!

Facebook is often the first point of information for new university students, offering the opportunity to meet other applicants and arrange Freshers' activities. However, when scammers and genuine promoters set up 'Unofficial' Freshers groups, the danger arises of being fraudulent. These groups are not moderated by the Union and are often used by fake accounts trying to sell tickets to alternative or simply fake events.

In some cases these sites may actually sell tickets to official or real events, but these will often be at inflated rates so that the creators can profit from freshers.

So, how do you avoid these scams and Fake Facebook pages? Here are our top tips:

Be advised by the Union

  • We only promote and advertise official events that have been tested to ensure they are safe, student only and the best experience in the city.
  • We have three main nightlife partners in the city - who run our official events in venues across the city, Mr Miyagi's who are our official bar partner on Guildhall Walk, and the Astoria who are our official Nightclub Partner also on Guildhall Walk

Shiny graphics, no substance

  • A clear tell for these fake groups is often shimmering graphics, fake admin accounts featuring stolen photos, and lots of exciting words but often they have no venue listed, start time or ticket information
  • Often these groups start as something enticing to build a fan base and then change their name to something else entirely. 

Be aware of companies asking for your data

  • Never ever give out your personal data unless you are purchasing a ticket via a legitimate ticketing platform
  • Unsafe sites often use Google Forms in general to collect your data and provide no benefit to you
  • Most of them are likely to be in breach of data protection regulations and put your personal security at risk

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