Campus-wide Hygiene Review

With widely publicised health information across the University and 24,000 students sharing the facilities, can improvements be made in the hygiene of the equipment and resources?

  • Petition submitted by LIAM RUDD on Nov 6, 2019


This petition has failed. Read the updates below for why it is in this state.

How Will This Idea Benefit Students?

If, like me, you spend 8 hours a day at Uni, then you currently spend 1/3 of your whole week here!

Credit to the cleaning department, who you will hardly ever see because they do their jobs before most of the population's alarms go off in the morning and after everyone has gone home.

However, alongside a review of cleaning schedules, with the right resource available we can all do our bit to keep the environment in which we work clean. My proposal is:

  • Install dispensers for equipment cleaning wipes in all OA suites and make them easily noticeable
  • Clean toilet facilities in all buildings AM and PM
  • Review lecture hall climate control settings and review filtration

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