Course Representatives

Course Reps represent the academic interests of fellow students on their course and year group. They are an official first point of contact between students, University staff and the Union.

Course Reps seek students’ opinions on aspects of their course such as: learning resources, facilities, teaching, assessments and feedback, and they strive to use these opinions to improve the University experience. In doing so, they also attend relevant meetings in the University and in the Union throughout the year where they represent their peers. They are provided with training from the Union which enables them to deal with various issues or point students in the right direction to receive support and guidance.

They work together with other Course Reps and their Faculty Reps to ensure the students’ voice is heard and listened to. Course Reps are valued and supported by both the University and the Union. Being a Course Rep provides a unique opportunity to meet students from across the University, plus a chance to develop a wide range of skills whilst building confidence and gaining valuable experience that will look great on the CV.

Course Rep Conference

Course Rep Conference (Rep Con) is our flagship training event every year, with over 400 students attending to share ideas and work collaboratively to make the Student Experience at Portsmouth the best it can be.

This year, Rep Con will take place on the 10th and 17th November. You can book your place and find out more about other training opportunities below.

 Course Rep Handbook

 Course Reps Facebook

 Course rep Twitter

Union Staff

The Academic Representation Officer and Student Focus team work together to support Course Reps throughout the year. They organise and support with Course Rep training, deliver social activities and are available to answer any questions you have about the role.

  • Sapphire Rance - Academic Representation Officer
  • Jon Scowen - Student Focus Deputy Manager
  • Becky Adams - Student Focus Lead
  • Jordan Howard - Student Focus Coordinator

To contact the Student Focus Team email or drop in to the office, downstairs in the Gun House building.

Faculty Reps

Faculty Reps are a vital link between students, Course Reps, Students’ Union and University staff. They work closely with Course Reps in their faculty to identify the most common issues and areas of best practice, which they will then put forward at Faculty meetings and other senior level meetings.

Faculty Reps are a part of the Student Council, which is the primary decision making body for all UPSU campaigns and democratic matters, where Faculty Reps work particularly closely with fellow Student Council members and the Academic Representation Officer.

  • Hailee Jingree - Business and Law
  • Kajetan Albin - Business and Law Deputy
  • Emily Pilavachi - Science and Health
  • Jan Galazewski - Creative Cultural Industries
  • Spoorthi Rao - Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Kylie Jeffrey - Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Abbie Bewley - Technology

Associate Deans of Students (ADS)

Each University Faculty has an Associate Dean of Students (known as an ADS). They are responsible for implementing the Course Rep Scheme in their Faculties and represent an important point of contact if you need to escalate issues. You may also find them a useful source of knowledge if you require additional information. A list of the University's ADSs can be found below.

  • Simon Brookes - Creative & Cultural Industries - Email
  • Mary Williams - Humanities & Social Sciences - Email
  • Emma Winter - Business & Law - Email
  • Kirsten Farrell-Savage - Science & Health - Email
  • Lee Woods - Technology - Email

Course Rep of the Month

Each month we run our Course Rep of the Month award. This award is given to a Course Rep who has excelled in their role, going above and beyond to represent their students. Students and staff can submit their nominations monthly with the award being announced in the first week of each month.

More information on how to nominate your Course Rep will be coming soon.


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