Annual Members Meeting

Wednesday 24th November 2021, 1300 - Location: UPSU Third Space & Online

Every year The University of Portsmouth Students' Union hosts our Annual Members' Meeting (or AMM for short) to let our members (that's our students at the University of Portsmouth) have their say over how we are run and what we believe in.

As a charity, this is something that we have to do by law - but that doesn't have to make it boring. We will be asking you for your opinion and putting responsibility in your hands. We want you to review how we spend our (your) money, as well as helping as identify how we will support you through your time at University, and how we will represent your views. If there is something you care about, we want to help. It's what we are here for.

There are six main items that will form this year’s AMM. You can read up on them and submit questions in advance of the meeting.

Did you miss the meeting? You can catch up with all of the motions and discussion points by watching the recording at the link below:

1. Minutes and results from the last meeting (2020) 

This is your chance to review the minutes and results from last year's meeting, held in December 2020.

Minutes and Results - Minutes

Submit a Question - Submit

2. Financial Reports 

Review the Financial reports of the Students’ Union, and PSUT (the Union’s trading arm).

Financial Reports - Financial Reports

Submit a Question - Submit

3. Officer Reports 

Reports from your Elected Officers, the students who have been elected to represent you and lead the Students’ Union. You can hold them accountable by attending AMM or submitting a question.

Officer Reports - Reports

Submit a Question - Submit

4. Student Council & Groups Exec Reports 

Reports on the activity of UPSU's Student Council and the UPSU Groups Exec.

Student Council Report - Reports

Groups Exec Report - Reports

Submit a Question - Submit

5. Policy Lapse 

Some of the Students’ Union’s older policies must be re-approved by current members. This is your chance to review the lapsed policies and decide if they are still relevant to you.

You can also submit your own policy ideas or request to speak at the meeting on a topic that is important to you

Policy Items - Reports

Submit a Question - Submit

Submit a Policy Idea - Submit

Speak on an Issue - Request to Speak

6. Student Submitted Motions 

Our students also have the chance to submit their own ideas to AMM. If these ideas (called 'motions') are supported by enough students, they could become UPSU policy. The following motions have already been submitted by students for us to discuss and vote on at the meeting.

Student Motion One

Motion to Ensure Appropriate Support for Students Struggling due to International Crises - Report

Student Motion Two

Motion to Introduce an Ethical Partnerships Policy - Report

Student Motion Three

Motion for UPSU to Adopt the Social Model of Disability - Report

You have the chance to cast your vote on each of our policy lapse items and on any motions submitted by students to the meeting. Voting will open at 1300 on 24th November and close exactly 24 hours later at 1300 on 25th November. You will have three options when voting - you can vote to SUPPORT (you agree with the idea and want UPSU to take action on it) ABSTAIN (you don't want to take a side on this issue) or OPPOSE (you don't agree with the issue). The winner will be the option that collects the most votes. The results will be announced from 1400 on 25th November.

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