Annual Members Review

Annual Members Review (AMR)

Every year we hold our Annual Members Review (AMR). 

For more information see below:

But what is AMR?

Annual Members Review gives our members (students) at the University of Portsmouth - the opportunity to vote on issues and ask questions and to help students understand where UPSU spends its money.

When is AMR?

The AMR voting platform opens online on Wednesday 29th November at 9am for a period of 2 weeks. 

You can log in here and vote at any time before 4pm on Tuesday 12th December.

Everything will be available in an easy to use form. All the items we need your feedback on will be within this form.

The Elected Officer team and Union staff will also be out and about at a variety of locations across campus to talk about some of the items that we want your input on so you can ask us questions about any of the items.

What items can I feed back on?

AMR has three main items that you can provide feedback on. These are:

1. Policy Lapse Items

We tell you about our policies for you to decide what happens next. Do we still believe in them? Or is it time to change them? Maybe now it's the time to remove them entirely. 

The following items have been brought forward for review as part of Policy Lapse.

These are:

For a full update on the progress of these ideas you can find out more here

2. Financial Reports

You can find out where UPSU spent its money last academic year, ask questions about this and input into where you think we should invest our resources in the future.

The full reports can be found here:

Portsmouth Students Union Charity Accounts (with Headlines) 2022/23 - These are the main Union charitable accounts

Portsmouth Students Union Trading Accounts (PSUT) 2022/23 - These are for the Unions business operations

For more information on the governance of UPSU and how it works click here

3. Elected Officer Reports

Find out what our officers are up to and submit any questions. To find out what they have been working on so far this year click here

When will I find out the result of my feedback?

The results will be announced by the end of day on 14th December. Any questions you submit  will be reviewed by the Elected Officer team and responses published on this page by Friday 19th January.

Brendan McCarthy (Head of Representation) will be responsible for overseeing the results of the feedback and outcomes of any voting elements. For further information please email

Notice of the 2023 Annuals Members Review, including information about what policy lapses are, can be found here.

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