Annual Members Meeting

Notice of Annual Members Meeting (AMM)

In adherence to Bye Law 2 and Article 18 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union, this document provides written notice for the calling of the 2022 Annual Members Meeting (AMM). You can find out more information about what AMM is and why you should go here!

This notice contains the following information:

i) The date and location(s)on which the meeting will take place:

The 2022 AMM will open at 1300 on Wednesday 7th December 2022

The 2022 AMM will be hosted physically in UPSU’s Meeting Room 1 and you can sign up for tickets here!

ii) Members will have the opportunity to vote on several elements of the agenda. Voting on agenda items shall be in person on Wednesday 7th December, in Meeting Room 1 

iii) In adherence to Bye Law 2 the agenda for the 2022 AMM shall contain the following items:

  1. Receipt of minutes of the previous AMM (2021);
  2. Receive reports from Student Council, Groups Exec, and Elected Officers;
  3. Receive audited accounts of the Union (UPSU & PSUT) for the previous financial year;
  4. Consider the register of any external affiliations;
  5. Review any policy lapse items from 2020;
  6. Review any additional motions submitted by the membership.

iv) Details of Union members who are eligible to participate in the meeting and vote on agenda items:

In adherence with Bye Law 1.2 Full Members of the Union are eligible to participate in the meeting. 

Participating members are defined as:

  • Any student on a course that leads to a University of Portsmouth award;
  • All Union Elected Officers;         
  • Each and every student who has not opted out by notifying the University of Portsmouth of his or her wish not to be a member of the Union;
  • A member shall ceased to be a Member of the Union if he or she ceases to be a student or he or she ceases to be an Officer Trustee.

In addition:

  • Associate members of the Union who are not registered students at the University of Portsmouth are not entitled to participate in proceedings unless directly invited to do so by the chairperson.

vi) Questions, queries, or information requests can be submitted directly to Union staff

Any requests to speak, question submissions on agenda points, or motion submissions can be made by members in advance of the meeting. They may do this via email at:

vii) The results of voting, confirmation of passed policy, and confirmation of passed motions will be announced no more than 48-hours after the close of the meeting. Results will be announced online. 

AMM 2022 Project Lead

Megan Selley (Projects Specialist (Campaigns), UPSU)

AMM 2022 Deputy Returning Officer

Brendan McCarthy (Head of Representation, UPSU)

Postal address:

The University of Portsmouth Students Union,

The Student Centre,

Cambridge Road,


P01 2EF

Contact No: 02392 843669

Some of this event has had to change, If you are unsure or have any questions please email 

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