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Your 2023/24 Development Officer is Temidayo Dosunmu!

January Update:

Please see below all of the great things Temi has been working on this month:

- Temi supported with the International Winter Welcome Fayre, ensuring food provision was available to students attending the Fayre

- Temi has been continuing the work on reviewing feedback that was provided from students at the Purple Wednesday forum meeting.

- Temi has been working really hard to think of some new ideas/events that we can hold for students (Coming soon!)

- Temi has been continuing his Cost of Living work and ensuring students are being supported as much as possible,

- Temi has been carrying on his work in trying to secure an Activities Participation Fund for students.

- Took part in the first Officer GOAT (Go Out And Talk) of the year and spoke to lots of students regarding ongoing issues and concerns (keep your eyes peeled for the next GOAT date!)

- Completed Media Training with UoP.

- Held his first Development Officer Q&A,

November/December Update:

Please see below all the incredible things Temi has been working on over the past month:

- Temi is continuing his work surrounding the cost of living crisis and continues to work on trying to implement an 'Activities Participation Fund'.

- Temi worked with Ines to arrange and deliver a Purple Wednesday forum. This was really successful and lots of feedback was gathered!

- Temi has been looking into what food provisions we can provide from our new starters during International Welcome Week.

- Temi is also working on an event around disability in sport.

- Went on Officers On Tour! 

October Update:

Temi has been working extremely hard so far this year to continue to be your student voice! Please find updates below on Temi's current achievements and ongoing work:

- Temi has ensured that all Student Groups receive 2 committee cards for a final year. This was an ongoing discussion and Temi fought extremely hard to ensure these were distributed and has made sure students have been able to have a space to provide feedback.

- Temi is currently working to see if there is a way that students can be financially supported with initial societies/club fees as part of an Activities Participation Fund.

- Temi is currently working on a proposal to try and get all lectures recorded and distributed online! This will really benefit students who work long hours!

- Temi has received feedback from student's regarding the University Bus Route and is currently working alongside Anwar to see if there is a way to ensure the route covers more areas of the city!

- Temi's Food Vibrancy Manifesto point and Campus Vibrancy Manifesto Point have also now been passed to relevant teams at UPSU to implement in their day to day work (a big win!)

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