Who get's your vote?!

Find out more about your 2024/25 student election candidates and what they plan to achieve for you if you vote for them in on 19th February!

  • Posted Sat, Feb 10, 2024 9:00 AM

Voting week is quickly approaching. It's your chance to decide who will be the next five students to lead the Students Union and be crucial decision makers on your behalf. 

Using your vote is so very important to make sure that you vote in an Elected Officer team that is going to represent you at the highest level (all the way to the Vice Chancellor and Local MPs) and make positive change to your University experience.

Below are your candidates for the 2024/25 student elections and what they would focus on achieving for you if you were to vote for them. 

And be ready to use your vote at 9am on Monday 19th February! 

Academic Representation Candidates

Marija Solic

  • Assessment Reform: Uncapped Resits going forward; Exam and Dissertation removal.
  • Course Rep Rework: Restructured; More decision making power; Training delivered by experts.
  • Student Resources: Mobile Uni App with everything you need at one place; Monthly Q&A drop-ins.

View Marija's full manifesto here.


If you do not feel any candidates should be elected you can also vote No Suitable Candidate

Democracy & Campaigns Candidates

Anwar Jawula

  • Cost of living: Increasing maintenance loans and supporting students struggling financially
  • Vibrancy:More union events A better union building with bar and food options and better social space
  • Student campaigns: Supporting campaigns like reversing the dependent ban & improving student housing

View Anwar's full manifesto here.

Simba Dube

  • Removing the red tape, I will introduce issue specific sub-committees for swift decision making!
  • Increase accountability by having a dashboard to track your complaints and suggestions.
  • Make campaigns center on issues that matter to students and ensure that they get adequate support.

View Simba's full manifesto here.


If you do not feel any candidates should be elected you can also vote No Suitable Candidate

Development Candidates

Pushpinder Virk

  • Increase engagement by easing access to development grant.
  • Make provisions housing support.
  • Provide mental health support outside of term time.

View Pushpiner's full manifesto here.

Dan Ummu-Salamah

  • TURN THE BUS AROUND by working with the Uni to create new bus routes, saving YOU time and money
  • KICKSTART YOUR CAREER before graduation with introduction of a student-led career & placement scheme
  • HELPING YOU FIND YOUR SPACE and create fun lasting memories in uni with a new groups match system

View Dan's full manifesto here.

William Reeves

  • To create a unified updateable events calender, for coordinating and promotion of student groups
  • To encourage groups to collaborate to create combined events, collectively reaching more students
  • To increase socialising opportunities for students who have necessarily limited access

View William's full manifesto here.

Saiful Islam

  • Industrial Tour and Internship Arrangement
  • Financial Support Increase
  • Single 2 Mingle Support

View Saiful's full manifesto here.


If you do not feel any candidates should be elected you can also vote No Suitable Candidate

Learning Experience

Blessing Okafor

  • Minimise stress and help students cut cost.
  • Tackle timetabling challenges by ensuring students are put at the forefront
  • Create less stressful placement process and employment boosting activitie

View Blessing's full manifesto here.

Aravind Gummadi

  • One module to be implemented as work experience should be a part of the academic year.
  • Mental health awareness sessions for student's well being
  • Conduct weekly/monthly speak-up events.

View Aravind's full manifesto here.

Kajetan Albin

  • Empowering futures: Let’s ensure university leads to amazing work opportunities!
  • Revamping tutoring: Splitting roles for tailored support. Let's work for this change!
  • Demystifying AI: Promote responsible AI use for fairer evaluation at university.

View Kajetan's full manifesto here.


If you do not feel any candidates should be elected you can also vote No Suitable Candidate


Connor Sutherland

  • ANTI-SPIKING RESOURCES YEAR ROUND - I will bring back the Purple Wednesday welfare tent EVERY WEEK
  • TREAT YOURSELF - Make Self-care accessible year round within every department of the University
  • NO WRONG DOOR FOR WELLBEING SUPPORT- Clearer crisis support, no costs & no wrong person to ask

View Connor's full manifesto here.

Dionne Moore

  • Tackling the cost of living crisis for students-Ie Free sanitary products,food banks etc.
  • Strengthening a stronger support system with the wellbeing services.
  • Utilising the current estates to gain more student participation&activity’s aimed at welfare needs.

View Donna's full manifesto here.

Edward Elachi

  • Avenues that promote better communication between student and staff alike
  • reduced work load while still keeping the standards of education.
  • A sufficient support system that is effective and ensures no one is ever alone

View Edward's full manifesto here.

Ines Brzychcyk

  • Prioritise student safety-access to spiking test kits, anti-spiking bottles at Welfare Pitstop
  • Collaborate with UoP regarding the Sexual Misconduct and Harassment, consent, and bystander training
  • Inclusive and diverse Purple Wednesdays-ensuring all students can enjoy the night in various ways

View Ines' full manifesto here.


If you do not feel any candidates should be elected you can also vote No Suitable Candidate

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